1[45-A.   Determination of contributions in certain cases.

(1) Where in respect of a factory or establishment no returns, particulars, registers or records are submitted, furnished or maintained in accor-dance with the provisions of section 44 or any 2[Social Security Officer] or other official of the Corporation referred to in sub-section (2) of section 45 is 3[prevented in any manner] by the principal or immediate employer or any other person, in exercising his functions or discharging his duties under section 45, the Corporation may, on the basis of information available to it, by order, determine the amount of contributions payable in respect of the employees of that factory or establishment.

4[Provided that no such order shall be passed by the Corporation unless the principal or immediate employer or the person in charge of the factory or establishment has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard.]

5[Provided further that no such order shall be passed by the Corporation in respect of the period beyond five years from the date on which the contribution shall become payable].

(2)   An order made by the Corporation under sub-section (1) shall be sufficient proof of the claim of the Corporation under section 75 or for recovery of the amount determined by such order as an arrear of land revenue under section 45-B 6[or the recovery under section   45-C to section 45-I]].


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