3. Creation and maintenance of data bank.

(1) The institute shall create and maintain a databank of persons willing and eligible to be appointed as independent directors, and such databank shall be an online databank which shall be placed on the website of the institute.

(2) The data bank referred to in sub-rule (1) shall contain the following details in respect of each person included in the data bank to be eligible and willing to be appointed as independent director

(a) DIN (Director Identification Number), if applicable;

(b) Income Tax PAN;

(c) the name and surname in full;

(d) the father’s name;

(e) the date of Birth;

(f) gender;

(g) the nationality;

(h) the occupation;

(i) full Address with PIN Code (present and permanent);

(j) phone number;

(k) e-mail id;

(l) the educational and professional qualifications;

(m) experience or expertise, if any;

(n) any pending criminal proceedings as specified in clause

(d) of sub-section (1) of section 164;

(o) the list of limited liability partnerships in which he is or was a designated partner along with-

(i) the name of the limited liability partnership;

(ii) the nature of industry; and

(iii) the duration- with dates;

(p) the list of companies in which he is or was director along with-

(i) the name of the company;

(ii) the nature of industry;

(iii) the nature of directorship-Executive or Non-executive or Managing Director or Independent Director or Nominee Director; and

 (iv) duration – with dates.

(3) The information available in the data bank shall be provided only to companies required to appoint independent director after paying a reasonable fees to the institute.

(4) A person whose name is included in the data bank, may restrict his personal information to the institute, to be disclosed in the data bank.

(5) Any individual whose name appears in the data bank, shall make changes in his particulars within thirty days of such change through web based framework made available by the institute for this purpose.

(6) A disclaimer shall be conspicuously displayed on the website hosting the data bank that a company must carry out its own due diligence before appointment of any person as an independent director.

(7) The institute, shall with the prior approval of the Central Government, fix a reasonable fee to be charged from :-

(a) individuals for inclusion of their names in the data bank of independent directors; and

(b) companies for providing the information on independent directors available on the data bank.

Explanation:- For the purpose of this rule, the expression “persons willing and eligible to be appointed as independent director” shall include individuals already serving as independent directors on the Board of companies.