1[23A. Compliance with rule 3A by certain Nidhis:- 

Every company referred to in clause (b) of rule 2 and  every Nidhi incorporated under the Act, before the commencement of Nidhi (Amendment) Rules, 2019, shall also get itself declared as such in accordance with rule 3Awithin a period of one year from the date of its incorporation or within a period of 2[nine months]  from the date of commencement of Nidhi (Amendment) Rules, 2019, whichever is later:

Provided that in case a company does not comply with the requirements of this rule, it shall not be allowed to file Form No. SH-7 (Notice to Registrar of any alteration of share capital) and Form PAS-3 (Return of Allotment).]



1. Inserted by  Nidhi (Amendment) Rules 2019    Amendment Effective from 15th August 2019.

2. Substituted by the Nidhi (second Amendment) Rules,2020Yet to be notified

in rule 23A for the words,

six months

the following shall be substituted namely;

nine months.

Note :


1. Corrigendum Notification dated 02.03.2020