1[3A.  Declaration of Nidhis. -

The Central Government, on receipt of application (in Form NDH-4 along with fee thereon) of a public company for declaring it as Nidhi and on being satisfied that the company meets the requirements under these rules, shall notify the company as a Nidhi in the Official Gazette:

Provided that a Nidhi incorporated under the Act on or after the commencement of the Nidhi (Amendment) Rules, 2019 shall file Form NDH-4 within sixty days from the date of expiry of:-

(a) one year from the date of its incorporation; or

(b)  the period up to which extension of time has been granted by the Regional Director under sub-rule (3) of rule 5:

Provided further that nothing in the first proviso shall prevent a Nidhi from filing Form NDH-4 before the period referred therein:

Provided also that that in case a company does not comply with the requirements of this rule, it shall not be allowed to file Form No. SH-7 (Notice to Registrar of any alteration of share capital) and Form PAS-3 (Return of Allotment).]



1. Inserted by Nidhi (Amendment) Rules 2019   Amendment Effective from 15th August 2019.