3. Grant of certificate of registration.

(1) An application for a certificate of registration under sub-section (1) of section 5 shall be made in Form I. An application having places of work within the jurisdiction of different prescribed authorities shall make an application for registration separately to each such authority in respect of his place of work, within the jurisdiction of that authority.

(2) (a) On receipt of an application for registration, the prescribed authority shall grant to the applicant a certificate of registration in Form I-A if he is satisfied that the application is in order and the necessary particulars have been furnished by the applicant.

(b) if the prescribed authority finds that the application is not in order or all the particulars necessary for registration have not been furnished he shall direct the applicant to file a revised application or to furnish such additional information as may considered necessary. After considering the revised application and the additional information, if any, the prescribed authority shall grant a certificate of registration in Form 1-A