Special Procedure

66. Application under sub- section (7) of section 7.-

(1) An application under sub-section (7) of section 7 of the Act shall be filed to the Tribunal in Form NCLT-1 and shall be accompanied by such documents as are mentioned in Annexure -B.

(2) Every application filed under sub rule (1) shall also set out the following particulars, namely:-

(a) Name of the company and other details including date of incorporation,name and address of the subscribers, promoters and first directors; and

(b) details of false or incorrect information or representation or material facts or information suppressed.

(c) details of such documents in or declaration filed or made for incorporating such company,

(d) involvement of promoters, subscribers and first directors in committing fraud during the course of incorporation;

(3) Subject to the provisions contained in Proviso to sub-section (7) of Section 7, the Tribunal may pass such orders, as it may think fit in accordance with clauses (a) to (e) of said sub-section (7).