64.Maintenance of upto date, true and correct accounts and record by dealers

(1) Every person registered under this Act, every dealer liable to get himself registered under this Act, and every other dealer who is required so to do by the prescribed authority by notice served in the prescribed manner, shall keep and maintain an up-to-date, true and correct account showing full and complete particulars of his business and such other records as may be prescribed in any of the languages specified in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution or in English, showing such particulars as may be prescribed and different particulars as may be prescribed for different classes of dealers.

 (2) (a) Every registered dealer shall keep at the place of business specified in the certificate of registration, books of account for the current year. If more than one place of business in the State is specified in the certificate of registration, the books of account relating to each place of business for the current year shall be kept in the place of business concerned.

(b) Every registered dealer shall also ordinarily keep the books of account for the previous six  years at such place or places as he may notify to the registering authority. If the registered dealer decides to change the place or places so notified, he shall, before effecting such change, notify the same to the registering authority.

(3) Every registered dealer or person who moves goods in pursuance of a sale or purchase or otherwise from one place to another shall send along with the goods moved a bill of sale or delivery note or such other documents, as may be prescribed.

(4) The Commissioner may order for audit of the business of any registered dealer by an officer not below the rank of 1[Deputy] Commercial Tax Officer. For the purpose of this section, the selection of dealers for audit shall be made from amongst the dealers,-

 (a) who have not filed returns within the prescribed period; or

 (b) who have claimed exorbitant amount of refund of tax; or

 (c) who have filed returns, but in the opinion of the Commissioner he is not satisfied with the correctness of any return filed, any claim made, deduction claimed or turnover disclosed in any such return; or

(d) on the basis of any other criteria or on a random selection basis by the Commissioner ; or

 (e) where detailed scrutiny of the case is necessary in the opinion of the Commissioner.

(5) (a) During the course of the audit, the officer may require the dealer,-

 (i) to afford him the necessary facility to inspect such books of accounts or other documents as he may require and which may be available at such place ;

 (ii) to afford him the necessary facility to check or verify the stock which may be found therein; and

(iii) to furnish such information as he may require as to any matter which may be useful for or relevant to any proceedings under this Act.

(b) The officer conducting the audit shall on no account remove or cause to be removed any books of accounts, other documents or stock.